How It Works

Wireless glow in the dark tape and UV lights are attached to bicycle rims and frame. Ultraviolet lights are activating luminescence on tape. After few circles it will reach maximum glow. While bicycle wheel is spinning tape gives amazing electro green bright light. It will glow even at the smallest speed of biking. Wheelaglows will increase your visibility in the dark adding extra safety on the road.

Will fit most bicycles

Flat-Foot Comfort

Why for MoonOn Wheelaglows technology products used are better than other similar rim light up products offered on the market?

  • MoonOn tape is pure white color and looks good attached to your bicycle rims at night and day light. Similar tapes offered from other sellers are greenish/yellow color during the day and don’t look good on your bicycle rims giving you an old bike image.
  • MoonOn tape has better adhesives and will perfectly hold on during hot or cold weather, or during rain if cured recommended 24 hours after application. Similar products on the market will not hold well due to poor adhesives.
  • The width of the tape is cut to fit perfectly and look elegant on most rims as some does not have a lot of room for it. Similar products are too wide and can’t fit on most bicycles and look bulky.
  • The MoonOn technology is designed to achieve maximum brightness instantly at the slowest speeds of spinning and would maintain an afterglow for certain period of time when rim stops spinning. Similar products glow very poorly, some needs to generate a certain speed to reach maximum results and would complacently stop to show expected glowing effects once rims stop spinning.
  • MoonOn lights has a waterproof silicone casing and would not stop working during the ride in the rain and are easy to clean. Similar products might not be waterproof, some are made of material hard to clean, crack after longer rides in the sun or frost.